At Pathfinder USA Consulting Group, we specialize in identifying a business owner's ultimate goal and directing the best professional resources to achieve this goal. Typically we are brought in to assist one of our professional partners; law firms, CPA /Valuation firms, Investment Advisory Firms and especially Trustees and Administrators. They often refer their clients to us to "quarterback" or project manage an ESOP plan implementation, 401(k) plan, business acquisition target or business transition.

By bringing Pathfinder USA into your team, it allows you to focus on your core competency, which in most cases means focusing on profitability, rather then an ancillary function such as project management, fee settlement, invoicing and research on additional services. Because we have experience on both the buy and sell side, we can adjust to the relative tasks at hand.

If you are one of these professional firms, reach out to us! We are always looking for skilled, honorable partners that have a client's best interest at heart. We have offices in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast USA as well as clients all over America.

Pathfinder USA, LLC is a Veteran-owned private company doing business as Pathfinder USA Consulting.


Direct: 1-877-332-0228
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