Transition Planning

Succession, retirement or growth planning; Cash Option, ESOP, 401(k), Brokerage, M&A. Which ones are best for you?

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Valuation / Feasibility

For about $5,000, perform a preliminary feasibility study of the company. A valuation report will be provided and reviewed.

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Project Management

Determine, negotiate, invoice & oversee all professional services. We report on progress and costs. You focus on growing your business!

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Tax Planning

Navigate best course for sale, capital gain to owner and/or family transfer and other regulatory related tax strategies. Take advantage of significant tax savings

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Risk Management

Risk is present in any business transaction; culture, management, liquidity & life. We will discuss the risks to ensure you are protected and comfortable.

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Debt & Equity Financing

Multiple sources: bank debt, seller debt, company cash, 401(k) lateral transfer, commercial subordinated debt, etc. Which is the right combination?

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Business Brokerage / M & A

Sell, buy, merge or transfer your business. Studies show you need to start planning five years out to prepare. If you aren't prepared, you are not alone.

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Trustees often look to other professionals to leverage their business development. We welcome partnerships with sustainable, and reputable professionals who can represent our clients. If there is a need for an owner to have a sell-side consultant, we can streamline and project manage the transaction.

Legal Counsel

Whether representing the sell or buy side, often law firms take on the role of project manager. This either requires an allocation of resources, like attorneys, or hiring a person that increases fixed costs. Smaller law firms may not be able to compete with larger firms that have internal client and project management skills. Outsource the project management to Pathfinder USA. Call us to discuss.

CPA / Valuation

We always start an engagement that requires a valuation/feasibility study. Because we can represent either the sell or buy side, we usually seek the aid of a CPA firm. We also get calls to engage in acquisition of CPA firms by partners looking to grow. If your firm or your clients are looking to acquire or sell and they aren't familiar with the options. Call us!

RIA /Financial Advisors

Experienced advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the traditional ownership succession planning paths such as a sale to a strategic buyer, a sale to a private equity group, making lifetime gifts of ownership interests to family members, and a management buy-out, but few have much experience using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in exit planning. Call us.