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Most professionals suggest a five year plan. Why? Your financial, organizational and management need to be in order to extract the most value from your business. 

The Boomer generation is retiring; an estimated  $6 to $8 trillion of business value will be impacted. That’s correct,  you read trillion with a T!!  There will be more sellers than capital to buy them. This means there will be more Boomers looking to sell their business and retire. How will you distinguish your business in this crowded market?

We will analyze your business and put it in the best light for sale thru digital marketing and outreach to our network of industry sources. We can use the same network to source opportunities for you to acquire as well.

Pathfinder USA has access to over 300 Investment Banker and Private Equity firms as well as over 200 financial institutions like National and Regional Banks, Credit Unions and SBA lending resources.

Pathfinder USA will:

  • Analyze capital needs
  • Recommend the appropriate structure, type, pricing, and amount of financing to be provided by various sources
  • Assist in identifying appropriate lenders
  • Prepare confidential Transaction Financing Request
  • Represent the company in negotiations and assist in closing the financing

What will I do with my business? That answer will have a great and permanent impact in regards to quality of retirement, family values, various tax implications, and employee morale! The highest priority is planning, realistically five years out. There is not a simple nor a single answer.