Transition Planning

What do I do with this business now? It has been on your mind. 

  • Maybe you are trying to extract value from your hard work
  • Maybe its to safeguard your legacy and employee's contribution
  • Maybe its time to think about succession planning and retiring  
  • Maybe its  growth or merger time

If selling your business to your employees is a consideration, the most common forms of employee ownership are cooperative (COOP) and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). However,  there are many other forms of employee ownership models such as phantom stock, stock appreciation, profits interest, stock options, restricted stock, etc.

Could it be a merger or selling your business to another firm. This Merger and Acquisition model will require the same level of detail and coordination by a number of professionals. We can bring all these together and make it happen for you.

During the initial "get to know each other" session, you share your vision and goals, we listen. We will ask you where you believe you are, as to the list above.  We in turn will share with you our story, how we work and what you can expect if you move forward with this transition. 

The goal at the end of this meeting, is to know each other, the optimal path for you and your business.